Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy 4 Months Therese!

Smile, smile, smile!!
Roly-poly baby...in more ways than one!
Therese rolled herself from one end of the rug to the other.
As she's rolling she often takes a short break to prop herself up on her fist and suck on her hand :-)
Celebrating 4 months today! Happy birthday sweet girl!
At dinner tonight Therese had her first rice cereal--she wore an extra fancy bib from Great Grandma Hope to commemorate the occasion.
I'm ready guys!
Greta thought we should have some kind of party-type activity today since it was Therese's "birthday" of sorts...so I made ice cream and she had some after dinner while Therese feasted on cereal.
Her first bite...
Not too sure...
It was a bit difficult feeding her in my lap, plus I couldn't see her face! So I put her in the well-used bouncy chair. Here she is all done and full.
Sorry, a bit blurry...(honestly, I can NOT seem to take a non blurry picture!)
Happy Birthday baby girl!

What follows are a couple short videos--one from today, and the other of the sisters together a couple days ago.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

"Matching"...(kind of)

Happy little Therese!
And more happy little Therese...
I've included this picture to give an idea of how chubby Therese is getting...look at those legs! What I wish I could show you all is her chubby little bum (but that might be inappropriate for the blog, so you don't get to see it...)--anyway, her bum is SO DIMPLY and so chubby! It has like 50 dimples on it or something! Every time I see it I get a little chuckle.
Speaking of getting a little chuckle...Greta is talking so much and her personality is showing more and more every day. This morning Matthew came in to get her for breakfast, and he was still in just his pajama pants (no shirt) and the first thing Greta said to him was--very seriously-- "I wish you had a shirt on" (am I going to be in trouble with Matthew for posting this? we'll see!) Well she gave me some trouble last night, so I guess it was only fair that she greeted him with such a statement this morning...last night when I leaned in for a kiss goodnight she said "No" and pushed my face away---TWICE! So sometimes I appreciate even more the unconditional love and affection our baby Therese gives :-)

These two photos show the girls in their almost-matching outfits from Great Grandma Hope. Greta likes to be matching with Therese, and the girls were very cooperative as I snapped many pictures of them in these clothes! :-) Sorry, I guess this second one is a bit blurry, but I liked the lighting better without the flash--I just need more of a steady hand I guess (or less wiggly girls!)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Family Fun

Last weekend, after a week of being sick and lonely and stuck in the house, Nana Judy came for a visit! She took Greta on an outing for a treat, we all went out to dinner, Matthew and I had a mini-date and Greta got the much needed extra attention she so desperately needed! She even got to see Grandpa Hans a bit too :-) It was a really fun time.
The other day Therese had her first bath experience with Greta. Greta took one of her bath bowls and smiled as she dumped water all over Therese! Therese didn't make a fuss...but Greta sure fusses when WE rinse HER with that same tupperware full of water!
Last Sunday we went to Bellingham for somewhat of a family reunion. We met up with my Aunt Jerene and Uncle Steve, Uncle Dave, Grandpa Ronnie and Thelma, my sister, my cousins Mary and David, and my mom and Shayne. Here is my cousin Mary holding Therese.
Greta and Aunt Jenny.
My Uncle Dave got Greta this cute costume! When she opened it up she was immediately in love with the ice cream cone on it (with a cherry on top)! She says "I'm fancy. I'm in a costume!" and she LOVES to wear this outfit now!
Here Greta is sharing some of the Pooh stickers Nana Kaka gave her with her Great Grandpa Ronnie!
We were supposed to spend the day at a beautiful park in Bellingham, but it was really cold! We were all shivering and in jackets! So we went to Mary's apartment instead. But my Uncle Dave got many pictures with his fancy camera, and I'm hoping I can put some of them on the blog soon too...with all the cameras around I didn't take as many pictures as I would've liked.
Therese with her Great Grandpa Ronnie. Therese did a lot of giggling with Grandpa Ronnie's girlfriend Thelma--it was hilarious! Thelma bounced her around and Therese just giggled and giggled!
Nice look ha?
At home again...wearing the costume again...and reading to little sister. So sweet!
We are finally getting some summer weather around here! Today we went to the beach for the afternoon, and we even had a picnic dinner there. It was a really great afternoon.
After our picnic dinner we walked up the street a bit to get some gelato. It was super busy at Kitsilano Beach!
My little smiley girl!

This is the shot I'd been waiting for someone to capture! :-)
Therese is often "making eyes" at people, trying to get their attention so she can exchange a smile :-)
Eating gelato--yummy!
Greta chose the strawberry gelato and ate it in her swimming suit.

Finished! A few minutes later she did complain of a tummy ache...but it was short lived. I think the gelato was worth it :-)
Ready to go home, have a bath, and get cozy in bed to go to sleep! Today was a long, fun day in the sun.