Monday, November 12, 2012


We went to a pumpkin patch to find the best pumpkins...Therese painted her nose that morning, quite amusing :-)
Looking at the animals!
I love the pigtails on the girls :-)
The girls really enjoyed the live music there.  Greta wanted to talk to the corn characters, and did lots of dancing on the little stage.  When she was Therese's age she was really wary of the dancing corn, but not anymore!
Always a highlight--getting an apple at the pumpkin patch.  Look at those pigtails!!!
Yum Yum
Blue nose TT!
On the wagon ride out to choose a pumpkin!
Our third year with a picture like this :-)

Therese kept wanting to sit on the pumpkins, and then she would point to me and point to a pumpkin and say "Eh! Eh!" and I'd say "Oh, do you want me to sit down too?" and she'd nod her head and smile :-)
So sweet with each other...
Greta was really patient waiting her turn to sit on this big pumpkin tractor.
Of course, TT needed a turn too! I think Greta liked being in the back the best.
A few days before Halloween we went to a Halloween carnival down the street.  The face paint job Greta got there this year is a little crazy.....!
Our little kitty cat!  I actually wanted Therese to be a star, but we realized the costume idea might be too uncomfortable...and she LOVES cats, so this worked fine.
In the jumping castle!  Therese got so many compliments on how incredibly cute she is.  I completely agree.
The girls had a great time bouncing around!
Such a little squishy snuggler!
Greta, having such a great time!
Afterwards, a bit tired out and ready for some candy!
Pumpkin carving was our next activity.  Neither girl wanted to touch the insides of the pumpkin, they were quite disturbed by it!
Of course, Matthew ended up doing all the work.  Greta was adamant that it be a happy face (remember Halloween two years ago? take a look back through the blog if you don't...)
Ready to trick or treat on Halloween night!!  So cute.

Greta started out pumped up to be brave and tolerate the fireworks just fine.  She kept saying "I like the fireworks" with a bit of a nervous face...after about 30 minutes of being out and about she firmly changed her mind and there was no turning back!  She cried and wanted to be held and refused to even trick or treat at any more houses on the way home!  She said she did NOT like the fireworks anymore, and through tears she said something like "They're too loud, and they hurt my ears! THAT'S the problem with the fireworks!!!"

Therese had a great time trick or treating and only started becoming a little nervous about the fireworks when Greta did. But she didn't ever cry.  The girls both had little buckets for their candy.  Therese got many many compliments on her cuteness, especially from middle aged women :-)  Ever since that night she likes to carry her bucket around the house and go to the door and say "Hi", and she also wants to wear her special "kitty cat coat" often!
Time for some candy!!!

Happy Halloween!