Sunday, March 25, 2012

Birthdays Coming Soon

Oops, I should've put this one at the end! The girls were clearly done with taking pictures at this point...
Here are the girls having an early birthday celebration with Nana Kaka and Grandpa Shayne! My mom made the girls adorable birthday outfits (look for pictures in the NEXT post, they'll wear them for their birthday party mom also made me a new dress too!)
All smiles! (And mom is looking at one camera and the rest of us are looking at the other, you see that strong resemblance between Greta and Therese here? It's not always very obvious, but they really look a lot alike in this photo!)
"Just don't give her french fries!!" We had lunch at a burgers and fries restaurant together recently---I am pretty sure that Therese has an allergy to potatoes and I am very vocal about warning people not to give her any type of potato product! Every time she's had potatoes (3 or 4 times for sure) she has slept terribly and seems to have a severe stomach ache. Here Nana Kaka is feeding her her VERY favorite, though: orange :-)

The girls love to play in Therese's beds together (the crib or the pack 'n play...Therese still sleeps in our room in the pack 'n play most nights because she wakes up so much!) Greta is really into doing gymnastic-type tricks, such as jumping from the ottoman to the couch or practicing head stands in the crib!
After some rough and tumble play! They look a bit worn out don't they?
Swinging with Grandpa Dan!
Oh, cute little TT (as we've taken to calling her much of the time!)
She loves it when I stand behind and say "boo!" to her once she has swung back to me :-)
With Grandpa Dan and Grandma the rain, but still having fun at the park. After this we went to a little store in the neighborhood and my dad bought Greta a pretty pink heart bracelet for her birthday. She had tried it on (in the dressing room mama!) and said "Oh, this is the perfect pink bracelet. I will take it home" and we told her we weren't going to buy it...but that gave my dad and Linda an idea! She was glad to receive it and especially enjoys wearing it to church every Sunday now.
A cute picture with Grandma Linda.
Greta got thoroughly dressed up this day...she discovered her new leotard dress up clothes and paired BOTH of them (yes, she has layered her leotards) with a dress up skirt and then some fancy dress up pants!
Look at those blue eyes!
Fun times in the kitchen!
This is such a sweet picture. Greta put this "chinese" costume on and my dad said something like "Look at that little Chinese girl" and Greta proceeded to narrate herself as the "little Chinese girl" the rest of the day!! (...maybe not the best idea outside of our apartment where probably half our neighborhood is actually Chinese!!!)
We'll have to get a picture of it soon so you can see how well Therese is standing up on her own...she loves to stand up on her own and then playfully plop herself back down onto her bum :-)
"Look at that little Chinese girl, she's standing on the chair!"
Greta is signed up for a creative dance class to start just after her birthday, I think she's going to love it, and she has the perfect attire for it too.

"Look at that little Chinese girl, sitting on her drum!"
A typical scene in the girls' room---they have a lot of fun together. If ever Greta is mean or grouchy with Therese (which DOES happen, especially when she's tired) Greta is really good about realizing she's been mean and apologizing to Therese...and Matthew and I have never TOLD her she has to do this, she has just figured it out on her own! She will go up to Therese and hug her and say "Oh, TT, I'm sorry I was mean to you/I yelled at you/I took your toy (some common offenses...)" and they make up. Therese is really affectionate and will initiate a hug with Greta too...she will also initiate hugs with Matthew and I often, and she hugs toys and blankets and beds...just about anything she can kind of rest her head on and snuggle up to!
A cozy storytime with Nana Judy.
Greta pretends to "ride the rails" on Nana Judy (stand on her)...she LOVES this game!
An early birthday present from Nana Judy...her first set of Calico Critters: the cat family and bedroom set. Greta is really interested in these toys (Matthew and I would be too if we were still kids!) Her 3 year birthday is coming soon...she is sure to get plenty more new fun things to play with! We've had a chance to celebrate with all the grandparents around here recently (Grandpa Paul and Sam, we miss you!) and next weekend we're having a combined birthday party for the girls with some neighborhood friends. We are looking forward to it (especially Greta!! she asks about it daily...)

Oh, PS, the dress Greta is wearing here was made by Nana Judy for Aunt Melissa when SHE was a little girl! It is adorable and I'm so glad Greta gets to wear it...but we'll have to make sure our little nieces Ida and Poppy get their fair share of turns in it before it's time for Therese to wear it! Melissa...don't let me forget!!!