Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Countdown Time

We had such a great time at our baby showers over the weekend. Melissa--Matthew's sister-- threw us one for friends to attend on Saturday, and then Judy--Matthew's mom--hosted us at her house for a family one on Sunday. See some pictures from our Saturday shower below... Matthew and I really enjoyed being showered with love by so many of the people we hold dear to our hearts! We had been looking forward to these showers for months and will treasure our memories from them.

Speaking of looking forward...is it April 1st yet or what?? Matthew and I are getting antsy to finally hold our baby girl! Matthew talks to her every day and tells her to "come out and play"...I usually remind him to settle down and tell her "not yet!!"--it'll be safe for her to come out by around March 10th, not too long from now. I sure hope she comes out sooner rather than later, because she's caused me to have a big old belly and I cannot imagine it being able to stretch any farther!! On more than one occasion I've been asked if I'm expecting twins...and what once was an enjoyable pasttime--watching my belly move around with her kicks, squirms and turns--is now becoming somewhat uncomfortable as she pushes into parts of my body I'm usually NOT that consciously aware of having.

I've been getting more anxious about childbirth, as I grow and grow, though. So if you think of it please pray for me to relax and be at peace with the process. I'm hoping to do things as naturally as possible, but certainly have NO IDEA of the pain that's on it's way. "Pain with a purpose" so they say...so I need to keep that in mind as well. If anyone has any words of wisdom or book recommendations I'm all ears! After next week I will begin my maternity leave, so will have extra time to read and practice for the big day.

I was intending on working up till around mid-March, but what with all the physical and emotional energy required by my job I've decided to start my leave earlier--at the beginning of March. Plus I figure this will be the only time in my life for a LONG TIME that I'll have time to myself to relax etc...so I might as well take advantage of it. Hopefully I won't have to wait for Greta for too much of that month, as I'd love for her to come once I hit that 37 week mark. We'll see...

Being pregnant is quite a journey--one I still don't fully appreciate--but I will have the whole picture of it soon.