Monday, January 5, 2009


Well here is a photo of Matthew and I on Christmas Day taken at my Grandparents' home in Seattle. It was a busy day--but fun to see so much family. Greta got many many gifts! Tons of cute clothes and little tiny socks that I just can't wait to dress her up in.

Amidst all the Christmas and New Years fanfare Matthew finished up his fall term at Regent and had many projects to complete at the end. Also, we got ready to move to our new apartment. Before and after visiting friends and family down in the good old US of A we scrambled with packing up our home in the Dunbar neighborhood of Vancouver so we could move to the Kerrisdale neighborhood. We thought it would be great to have more space and more convenience to bus lines, stores, parks etc for when Greta is finally here--and wanted to settle into the place before I got too huge and before Greta greets this world. Amazingly our apartment search wasn't too difficult. Everything here is expensive, and it's a renter's market--so very competitive--but early this December we found the greatest most perfect place!!! It's in a neighborhood right near a major bus line, near my work, near Matthew's work, and near to school. Plus we have our bank, grocery stores, hardware stores, parks, library, community center, coffee shops etc all within close walking distance! We have 2 bedrooms and big windows (especially appreciated after living in a basement for a year and a half) and a super cute kitchen and even a bathroom with lots of pink (pink sink, toilet and tub--!)--Matthew and I can hardly believe it's real. We moved in on New Year's day with lots of help from church and Regent friends.

Now it's sinking in even more that we're really going to be parents soon. Before--at the other place--I couldn't quite picture having a baby there and all that, because I wasn't sure we were staying there. But now I know that our new home is where our venture as parents really truly begins. In 3 short months we will have another little life there, out and about, laughing and eating and screaming and sleeping and playing...I'm beginning to really picture it now. So we've got to get the place ready to welcome her--and Matthew and I've got to treasure these last 3 months on our own before our lives are completely changed forever!!!! It's a little scary, for sure, but I can't wait for Greta to come out and see her family and her home--and play!