Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Recent Happenings

Greta has been practicing sitting up on her own more and more lately, and now she can sit on her own for quite awhile before tipping over! Today she did lots of sitting, and went from sitting to all fours, and then to climbing up on things. She loves to sit in front of Matthew or I, grab our fingers, and pull herself up to standing, and then lower herself back down to sitting---over and over and over!
What's that over there?!!
Greta is nearly always on the go. In fact today she did her first official "crawling"--the classic kind on all fours with step after step...it was so exciting to see!! We've been watching her gradually get to this point for a couple months now. She's gone from rolling around everywhere, to creeping, to getting on all fours, to rocking on all fours--and most recently she developed this system of getting around where she sort of lunges on all fours, plops herself down, lunges again and so on...you'd think it would hurt, but I guess not! She's really tough, and rarely cries when she bonks on something.
Now that she has the strength AND the coordination to really, truly crawl I think we're going to be chasing her around soon.
Another development from this week: Greta can clap! She started doing it over the weekend, and she receives continuous positive reinforcement for this behavior (it's SO CUTE!) that I think she's going to keep it up :-) We'll try to get a picture of the action soon.
About a week and a half ago my mom and Shayne came for a visit. Here are Greta and Grandma Kathy playing the piano. Greta put her hands over my mom's at times, and she watched really carefully as my mom played up and down on the keys. She seems really interested in the piano, and in music in general. We often put CDs on in her room--her favorite seems to be the Ella Jenkins multicultural songs for kids that I got at the library. I like that one too.
Lounging around with Grandma Kathy.
Matthew and I went out for a movie while mom and Shayne were here, so they had some fun bonding time with Greta. I guess Greta really liked leaning herself on my mom while they played on the floor together!
The two baldies! (Sorry Grandpa Shayne...)
Greta LOVES this ball. It has holes all around so she can easily grab it, but when it does get away from her she has such a look of determination on her face as she goes after it! She doesn't give up easily. Sometimes it will take her several tries to get the ball back in her hands again--she works really hard and usually without even a hint of a fuss.
Grandma Judy came and stayed with us last weekend, and she and Greta got to spend lots of time together. Although, it's never enough, is it Grandmas?!
Greta has been eating more and more solid foods lately. She especially loves pears. At dinner we put her in her chair with some toys while Matthew and I eat first, and then I feed her. Greta is SO patient and usually lets me eat my whole dinner before she starts fussing for her food (even after her toys have nearly all been dropped to the floor!)
Wearing her little black dress from Grandma Judy :-)
On Tuesday mornings I take Greta to her swimming class. Here she is, ready to get in the pool!
Riding in the boat.
The pool is very chilly! Greta likes it better when she gets to dangle her feet in the hot tub...but she has never once cried or fussed during the swimming class. I think she likes the water.
Kick kick kick kick kick kick kick!!
Greta was a little more interested in the prospect of crawling on this board--rather than kicking from it.
Often times at swim class I snuggle her in really close to help her warm up--otherwise she gets a very chattery chin!

We've been having a great time lately, as you can see. This weekend we look forward to our dear friends Curtis and Julia coming for a visit with their 1 year old daughter Lillian. It will be Greta's first Halloween! We will have to get a costume settled for her soon...

Greta is such a little sweetie---I really can't say that enough. BUT the last few nights she has been testing us with lots of crying!! From gas to constipation to teething...to just plain neediness...we have been kept up more than usual lately. I can deal with this pretty well, because I don't have to get up too early the next morning, and I don't have the same stresses Matthew has with school and work. Poor Matthew has suffered from a bit of sleep deprivation lately, and it comes at a time when he is very, very busy. We are hoping this is a not a new trend for Greta!

At any rate, I DO get many moments of satisfaction trying to calm my little baby at night--it's all worth it when she snuggles up close to me for comfort :-)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Uncle Dalton took us to the Sea-Tac Airport on Saturday, and Aunt Jenny picked us up on Thursday. Greta did really well on both flights! She kept busy, slept a bit, and did lots of people watching. Here she is with Aunt Jenny after a long day of traveling home--we're halfway there, in Seattle! When we arrived in Seattle both Matthew and I thought "We're home"...it still feels like home to us there. But we had to continue up to Vancouver. We hope someday to make Seattle our home again.
I thought this was a cute shot of Greta and one of Aunt Jenny's cats checking each other out!
Greta practiced being a cowgirl in the great southwest United States!
Please take me out of this ridiculously large hat!
Having fun with Grandpa Paul! At first Greta would cry after only a few minutes with her Grandpa Paul, but as our time in Arizona wore on the two of them really bonded and got to know each other better. By the end of our trip Greta didn't cry with him anymore! They especially loved getting down on the floor together and head-butting :-)
Matthew in his homeland with his baby girl. We went to a park in Arizona...much different than what I had in mind as a "park". Here we were told to beware of scorpions, tarantulas, and rattlesnakes! We didn't stay long...
Playing in Grandpa Paul's water fountain in the backyard. When she's older she will love to also play with his backyard tortoises!
Grandpa Paul helped cook Greta's first carrots. She liked them the first time she tried them in Arizona...but since then she has pretty much spit them out when I've given them to her! (I guess grandpa's carrots are just better - MPB)
Greta met many family members in Arizona. Here she is with her Great Aunt Jean, and her first cousins once removed: Kimmy and Katy--at Grandpa Paul's house. These ladies all loved holding Greta! (of course...)
Greta's Great Aunts and Uncles planned a get-together for all of us while we were there. We went to Aunt Sue and Uncle Jerry's beautiful home and had a terrific dinner. Greta got to meet many more Great Aunts and Uncles and her Papa's cousins and their children. It was a wonderful evening in warm Arizona. We spent a lot of time outside chatting, and Greta loved watching the many children there play.
Here's Greta in the high chair Aunt Sue has used for babies for many years!
We took a day trip to a small mountain town called Jerome. There were lots of interesting shops there and we had a great time wandering around. On the 3 hour drive home, though, Greta was very tired and had a hard time going to sleep. She did some screaming for a bit which kept all of us on edge! We were very glad when she finally dozed off.
One day we went to Sun City, where 2 sets of Greta's Great Grandparents live. Here is Greta with her Great Grandpa Pulsipher. 3 Generations! Charles is a photographer and he took much better pictures than I did, but I do like this shot of the 3 of them altogether.
Greta quickly took to Great Grandma Pulsipher. Dorothy got right down on the floor to play with her, and they seemed to become good friends right away! Here is Greta playing with a knitted coaster Dorothy had made...I think she was surprised Greta like it so much.
Great Grandma Jewel (on the Bradsher side) let Greta play with a shiny spoon! She was very sweet about making sure Greta had something interesting to mouth. Greta spent lots of time snuggling with Jewel on her lap, and then showed off her tricks on the floor.

All in all our trip to Phoenix was pretty enjoyable. It was a little stressful at times, being so far from home and having so much traveling to do, but we all weathered it really well. And giving Greta and her extended family members a chance to get to know each other made it completely worthwhile! Plus, we had a comfortable place to stay while we were there. Grandpa Paul even let us take over his bedroom--he slept in the living room for 5 nights! It was very generous of him, and we felt so loved and welcomed.

However, there really is no place like home. We've been traveling so much these last 6 months that now we plan on staying in Vancouver for awhile. No more overnights ANYWHERE for the next couple months!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Ready for Fall

Today Greta had her 6 month check up (I edited this post on the 13th, for those who notice those kinds of things...). The Doctor says she is right on track. It was a crisp, clear Fall day today and Greta wore her matching bonnet and jacket...my mom made these for me when I was a little baby! She sure made great stuff...I hope to catch up and get sewing for Greta again. Greta sure looks cute in this outfit--one woman called her an "old fashioned baby".

Here is Greta in her little red coat, and her matching hat and booties that Aunt Melissa made her. It's hard to tell in these two photos, but the booties have red apple buttons on them, and the hat has a brown stem with a leaf!

Just as we're beginning to adjust to this colder weather we're preparing to leave for our annual trip to Arizona. Greta is about to meet her Great Grandparents Pulsipher and her Great Grandma Jewel, as well as many other members of Matthew's family. Tomorrow we go on our first flight as a family of three! This should be a real adventure.

It's so fun to dress up my little baby doll!
Here Greta has nearly undressed herself, though...last night was a rough night for Greta--and as a result for Matthew and I as well. So this morning I had Matthew buy me a little bit more sleep time by putting toys in Greta's crib when he left for school. I guess it bought me about another 40 minutes--nice! But with all that playing in her crib Greta somehow got one arm out of her pajamas! Crazy girl!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Half a Year Already!

Today Greta is 6 months old! Happy Birthday little sweetie!! Here she is on her special day.
We were at a church retreat on BC's Anvil Island all weekend (Greta had her first boat ride) and today we spent as much time as we could outside in the beautiful fall weather. Here you can see that Greta is fascinated with grass--she loves to pull at it. Sometimes she tries to put it in her mouth, but usually she just feels it with her hands.
What a big girl already!
I had fun with Greta while everyone was in chapel this morning. I had tried to get her to sleep in the baby carrier so that I could sit through chapel, but she wouldn't stay asleep. So instead we stayed outside and played together. She loves to put my nose in her mouth! Sometimes she kind of shrieks with delight or says "Ha!" with a smile as she does it. It's one of my favorite things!
Greta is usually on all fours lately. Right before this photo was taken she was probably head-butting Papa! Whenever she gets on all fours like this she rocks herself back and forth, no matter what obstacles are in her way--even if they are hard corners...yikes! She's pretty tough and doesn't complain very quickly.
On Saturday we took a hike to Pebble Beach while at the retreat. Here we are at the beach.
Look at those beautiful eyes! I love this picture.
Greta is such a thoughtful and observant baby. I love this picture too.
Watching the water with Papa.
We can't believe our little Greta is already 6 months old! This seems like such a milestone, and when she was born it seemed like it was SO far away. But the day is here. Six months ago today we held our beautiful daughter for the first time. Greta, we love you so much!