Friday, July 23, 2010

A Morning with Papa

Greta spends most weekday mornings with me, Matthew. Today I thought we would document a few of the morning's events to allow Greta's many admirers a glimpse into how she begins her days.

This morning, Greta and I had a special breakfast date at a local coffee shop. She and I shared a muffin and scone between us. I read the morning paper while she thumbed through an alphabet book and a book about the parable of the good shepherd.

After a leisurely breakfast, we headed over to the local park. First off, Greta headed straight to the slide and climbed right up on it.

Next she felt like doing a little swinging. This has become a regular part of her playground routine, she loves swinging.

Next Greta did a little climbing on this climbing wall.

After climbing, Greta ran into some old friends from Marineview Chapel. She and Marlena and Rosy had quite a time tromping around the playground together. Greta really loves the attention from the older girls.

After leaving the park, we stopped by the library and picked up some new books for Greta. Then we headed home to eat lunch and take a nap. I guess Greta hadn't had quite enough Papa time this morning, because she woke early from her nap just to have some extra time with him before Mama got home.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Hello Again

A little cherry face! Greta loves the summer fruits she's been getting to eat lately.
My mouth is FULL of cherries!
Greta now knows how to say "More" and can also do the hand sign for it. She often says it with a mouth full of food! And she often says it in reference to cherries, blueberries or raspberries.
Keep them coming!!!
Snuggling with baby-doll at night.
Taking a break from dancing. Greta put these toys on her wrists and we had a family dance party! So fun!
It's been hot here in Vancouver lately. I took Greta to a water park in a nearby neighborhood for the first time last week. She was so excited about it! There were many children there and she wasn't shy around them OR the water.
For the 4th of July weekend we stayed with my Dad and Linda. Here's Greta smelling the bouquet my Dad put together for the 4th. What a precious picture!
Matthew getting to light off fireworks for the first time--since he grew up in Arizona he never did this as a kid. He felt like a kid again this 4th, though! (except that he was pretty sick that day and for about a week after...)
A tired girl with Aunt Jenny on the 4th. So much socializing to do!
Greta loved being held by her Great Aunt Debbie--especially since Debbie had so many fun accessories to play with!
Out on my Dad's deck.
Snuggling with Great Grandma Hope.
Greta spent a lot of time getting cozy with Great Grandma. It was fun to see!
During the weekend we spent with my Dad, Greta really bonded with her Grandpa Mac. They played together so much, and her face would light up when he came downstairs in the morning because she knew he would PLAY with her again!!! He even got his first Greta hug :-)
Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of Greta with Grandma Linda...but they had a bonding experience of their own: I left Greta with Linda for a bit one morning and they went to the park and had a great time...but then Greta had an explosive diaper situation! Poor Linda! A few days later she presented this same situation to Nana! She's initiating her Grandma's I guess...Mom, you're going to be next :-)
Double fisting!
What a thirsty girl--she knows how to handle those sippy cups :-)
Out on my Dad's deck.
Greta loved climbing around on the deck and exploring Dad and Linda's beautiful yard.
At the park watching Grandpa Mac and Papa play basketball! What a fun time.
At Nana's house playing with the kitty. Greta was very gentle with the cat, who rather pleasantly tolerated--almost sought after--Greta's attention (the other cat was off in hiding, though...)
With Grandpa Hans and Nana.
Judy was kind enough to drive up to Vancouver before the 4th of July to let us use her truck to put together items to store at her house while we "downsize" for awhile. Last weekend we officially moved and we are now adjusting to much less space. But we will save money in the long run, so it's worth it (yes, I still need to keep telling myself that at this point...I liked our old place!!) Someday we will have more space and feel more settled...right?
Whether or not we have lots of space or are able to settle somewhere for awhile, what make a house a home is the love that's shared within it, and we sure have plenty of that! Baking cookies here and there can't hurt either...Greta loves my chocolate chip cookies!