Friday, June 17, 2011

Therese is Two Months

Our beautiful girl on her 2 month birthday!

She's a much chubbier baby than Greta ever was...look at those cheeks!
We are discovering more and more that Greta is a very sensitive soul. She cries sometimes if Therese is crying, and if anyone ever bothers her out on the playground she needs mama's lap right away!!! However, she is still a very tough girl in other ways...she doesn't cry easily if she bonks into something or falls down, and yes, she continues to go barefoot everywhere. She is such a loving and sweet big sister!

I wanted to capture the reddish birth mark Therese has on the back of her head before her hair covers it up for good!
Therese likes this game.

Happy birthday little baby!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer is Coming!

Greta is really into going down the slide at the park lately. She goes up and down over and over and over again! Also, she is on a shoe-strike. She always takes her shoes off once we get to the park. I've decided not to fight it anymore--her feet get really grimy, and tough too!
My mom came for a visit over the weekend. What a cute picture this is!
Therese is getting so big!
Lying on Greta's big girl bed with penguin in the background...
Greta is so sweet with Therese. I'm able to trust her more and more to be gentle and not squish her. She gives her so many kisses and just this morning was lying with Therese reading to her and laughing!

We got Greta a new swimsuit the other day in anticipation of the summer weather that we're waiting for. Here she is modeling her pool-look for us. We are looking forward to spending a lot of time at the pool down the street over the summer!
Great Grandma Hope got the girls matching outfits. It's cheesy...but SO ADORABLE too!

A couple weekends ago it was really sunny and warm. We spent the morning at the beach.
Vancouver is really a beautiful place to live.
This girl likes to get MESSY!

Me and my girls :-)

Friday, June 3, 2011

The Many Faces of Therese

This little outfit is so cute on Therese! She's such a little doll :-)

Sorry it's been such a long time since the last post--things have been busy around here! Matthew has been really busy with school, and life with a toddler and a newborn is certainly quite different from life with just one!
Therese is quite expressive with her face!
Playing with Mama.
Getting chubby!
Sitting on the couch like a big girl.
Greta hasn't had enough "Papa Days" lately because he has been so busy. But recently they got to have a whole day together, and she was in heaven!! (so was he...)
Sweet baby.
Therese used to look a bit frightened whenever Greta came around--because Greta loves to smother her with love...but now more often than not Therese greets Greta with a smile and anticipation! They are good friends already :-)
This little outfit is adorable on Therese too.
Strong girl!
Therese has rolled over from her stomach to her back a couple of times already.
She can scoot herself off of the blanket sometimes!
Determined--just like her big sister!
Tummy time together.

Therese smiles pretty often and seems very sociable already--it's so fun! Sometimes she gets a bit overlooked, with our demanding toddler around--but then when I finally pick her up and make eye contact with her she looks at me with such a big smile saying "Oh it's so nice to see you!"
A little glimmer of some of the table manners we deal with...someday she'll eat properly and also listen to us more often than not...right?? She is spunky and full of personality--and she is quite a chatterbox too!
Our very stylish little bookworm :- )