Saturday, June 23, 2012

Cousins and Trains

A couple weeks ago all the cousins got to be together when Melissa and Kristen, Ida and Poppy came up for a weekend stay at our home. Here are the girls all eating breakfast together.
 Poppy, Greta and Ida (Therese was napping during this photo shoot!)
 Greta and Aunt Melissa!
Aunt Megan and Poppy! Ida was too busy to have a picture with her Aunt, but Poppy was perfectly happy sitting on my lap :-)
 Uncle Matthew and Poppy!
 Uncle Kristen and Greta!
 Uncle Matthew and Ida!
 Swinging at the park down the street.  Ida has such great hair :-)
 At the beach.
We had such a fun time that weekend.  We hope to do it again soon! The girls played together quite a bit, and I think this is when Therese realized that walking is the thing to do--her walking got serious that weekend and now she is an expert :-)
The next weekend we went up to Squamish (on the way to Whistler, about 90 minutes from our home) for the much anticipated "Day Out With Thomas".
Our tickets allowed us to ride a real train for about 20 minutes--it was fun sitting there and feeling sort of old fashioned...and it also reminded Matthew and I of our train rides in Italy on our honeymoon....the girls loved being on the train!
 Therese spent a lot of time looking out the window.
Greta was really excited for this day.  On the drive up she kept asking if we were there yet? where's Thomas? etc etc...the anticipation was quite excruciating I think!
We also got to go for this little train ride, which was really fun--even though Therese was a bit on the squirmy side...she's got walkin' legs now!!
 On the little train ride.
 Oooooh, model trains!
After the train fun, we stopped at Shannon Falls on the way home.  This was the highlight for all of us--it was so beautiful and magical there! We are hoping to take a picnic up next time and spend the day there.
 Getting ready to go see the falls.

Classic Greta.
By the view of the falls there was a huge rock that the girls loved playing on.  Therese was quite daring, considering she was just beginning to walk!
 Look at her go!
Playing around in the grass--it was so fun!  We ran around, picked flowers and enjoyed the fresh mountain air.
 Classic Matthew :-)  My stylin' husband.
 Shannon Falls
The girls are often so sweet with each other.
The other day Greta had to watch Therese get her immunizations and it sparked an extra few ounces of kind and caring behavior and words from Greta to Therese.  So fun to see.
At the beach...this is actually a flash back to Melissa and Kristen's visit...the 4 of us went down walk along the beach while the tide was really far out.

We saw this huge heron.  In the background is some of downtown Vancouver.  It really is such a beautiful place to live!
 Therese actually climbed over this huge pipe, what a tough girl! Determined.
 Matthew and Greta.
Loving the beach!
We're hoping for some summer weather soon so we can get in the water more :-)