Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Haircut

Two or three weeks ago we decided it was time for Greta's first haircut. Here is Princess Greta with her shaggy mullet.
We took her to a place on Granville Island that specializes in "first haircuts". They had trains and cars to sit in, a cookie for her, and even a movie playing! It's a good thing too, because even with all of that she barely sat still! She didn't get scared, though--she was just excited!

Chomping down on her "cook" (her word for cookie) while being styled and pampered.
Post-haircut: chasing the geese at the park on Granville Island. Matthew then went to buy some wonderful ingredients at the market there for a ravioli dinner! Our "dates" lately consist of sometimes putting Greta to bed early on Saturday nights so that we can eat a luxurious meal in peace :-)
Just look at that cute girl!
What a fashionable haircut.
This is the camera smile she has developed :-)
Greta and mama hanging out together after my workday. Usually Greta has just woken up from nap and we get to have the afternoon to play together.
By the way, since the last time I posted on this blog I started a new job AND have been going through my first trimester of pregnancy! For those of you who don't yet know, we are having another baby in mid-April. I've been feeling pretty sick and tired the last few weeks and hope to be better soon! Greta knows all about the baby and often pats my stomach and says "baby" :-)
On a beautiful fall day at Queen Elizabeth park.

My sweets!

Getting all dirty in the mushy leaves!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A mile in Greta's boots

Here is a picture from several weeks ago when we went down to Shoreline to spend a weekend with our dear friends Curtis, Julia, and their daughter Lillian. Greta and Lillian loved running around in their diapers together. Lillian is speaking sentences now, so she was able to narrate as they ran about in their diapers: "Both naked!"
This look flashes across Greta's face quite regularly these days. Its her "Oh-you-don't-think-I-can-make-trouble-out-of-this-situation?" look. She is definitely morphing into a toddler, and as such, she is constantly on the look out for mischief.
Here she is this past weekend, at Grandpa Dan and Grandma Linda's place. We went down to celebrate Dan's 60th birthday. Greta was humbled to walk a while in his shoes and realized that perhaps she has been getting a little too big for her britches lately.
This picture was taken while Mama and Papa went to Target to buy Greta a new wardrobe. (She really is too big for her britches, and the weather is getting too cold and wet for her current clothes.) Greta got to spend some time with just Grandma and Grandpa, she had lots of fun with them this weekend. She was quite excited to see all the new clothes and shoes we got her. She looked over all the new items very intently, and then looked at Megan and I and signed "Thank you." She is so sweet.

Lately Greta has taken to wearing my hat. Its fitting that the hat says "OBEY." She lets me wear the hat occasionally, but then the hat takes on an ironic quality - we all know who's in charge.
Today Greta and I went to meet Mama at her new job to see her classroom and meet the teacher she is working with. Greta got to check out the school and get lots of attention from the big kids and all the teachers and the secretary. (The secretary looked taken aback when I informed her that we were Megan's family. She said "I didn't know Megan had a life!" Never underestimate Megan. She does have a life.)
These are Greta's new boots. She loves her new boots. Whenever I put them on her she prances around saying "boots!" and looking so pleased with herself. In this photo I had asked her "Greta, where are your boots?" So she is pointing them out to me.
Well, off we go! Greta and the busy transition into a new job and another semester of school is keeping us on our toes. But, we'll try to post more photos again soon.