Saturday, September 8, 2012

Nana Time!

A few weeks ago we discovered we have a "backyard"...the grass around our building!  The girls really love playing there now.  Nana Judy came for a visit recently and let Matthew and I go out for a couple of dates...she also took the girls to the backyard and they all discovered the sprinkler!  The next day we tried it out together.
 Therese wasn't so sure about the sprinkler when it shot water out really high...
 Bathing beauties :-)
 Sidewalk chalk!  Pretty much a daily occurrence.
 Nana Judy and Greta.
Making funny faces together!
Last weekend we visited Judy and Hans at their place in Tacoma...unfortunately Judy's camera was out of order and WE neglected to get any pictures of our own!!!  We had a great time, though.  The girls loved trying to find the cat...Therese now says a kind of "CCCCCCCC" for cat, and was always a bit sad when she saw the cat and THEN it hid from her!  One day Aunt Melissa, Uncle Kristen and cousins Ida and Poppy came over for a BBQ.  It was so fun to see the girls playing altogether!  The twins are talking so much more and looking more and more like little girls...not toddlers anymore.  I got lots of snuggles from Poppy, and Matthew and I spent some time reading to both of our sweet nieces. 
Also last weekend, we visited my mom and Shayne.  Greta said "I've missed you!" and "Can I live here?" to Nana Kaka!
Eating smores in the backyard...
If Greta ACTUALLY lived at Nana Kaka's she'd come to realize very quickly that ice cream cones and smores do not happen every day :-)
I hadn't had smores in awhile...I used to have them every summer growing up at my Grandma Mom's. It was fun to eat them with my girls!
 Therese enjoying her treat :-)
 Wearing Nana Kaka's jewels!
 So cute!!!
 And more fancy's!
 Greta got the dangly earrings :-)
 Knitting with Nana Kaka...Greta informed her that she would like a green sweater please :-)
Reading the funnies with Grandpa Shayne!

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Here she is, on the first day of preschool!  Greta chose this outfit completely.  Take note of the silver ribbon tied around her waist, the necklace, the bracelet, the pink marker stain on her nose!!  She DID want to also wear clip on earrings, a ring, and a headband, but I was able to talk her out of it :-)
Greta was really excited (and a little bit nervous) for her first day.  We signed her up for preschool at our old church, where she is used to attending a playgroup--she is already familiar with the environment and knows a couple of the children.  When I left her there, she was happily playing with a doll house! I gave her a kiss and she let me go easily...I was actually kind of surprised!
She will only go two mornings a week, and for the first couple of weeks the sessions are shorter.  I think she will enjoy it!  My little baby is really growing up!!! Slow down!
Ready to go into the preshool...but mama had to snap some more photos first :-)  Notice the more sensible footwear she's changed into?