Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Month Already...

Greta loves to have many, many things in bed with her. This photo was taken only a few days before she switched to a "big girl bed"...
Little Therese in a hat my friend Natalie's mom Nancy made for her...she is so sweet, she also made Therese a ball to play with--and when Greta was an infant she made a little sweater and booties for her!
The package with the hat also had a little purse full of Easter chicks for Greta to play with--thanks Natalie!
Now Greta has a "big girl bed". A couple of weeks ago she climbed out of her crib twice during nap. The first time she didn't get hurt and I sort of thought it was a fluke...but then she did it again during that nap and this time hurt herself--so that afternoon we got her the bed. It was quite an event--shopping for it and then putting it together (thankfully Matthew did the putting together part!) Greta loves her new bed. She's not much of a napper anymore, so having this bed gives her even more freedom to just play play play during her "nap"--all over her room! (We put a special door knob on so she can't get out and she plays in her room happily for over 2 hours until we come in and get her from her "quiet time" as we now call it...) She has quite the imagination I think!
Sleepy Therese Marie...she sure does sleep a lot!
Sweet baby.
Greta loves to hold Therese and give her kisses.
Greta often tells Therese that she's her big sister, and still mentions how Therese "comed out mama's body!"
Greta asked me to take a picture of her holding Therese the other day :-)
During her quiet time the other day Greta decided she needed some leg-warmers. Then she ended up painting with Papa for the afternoon and wandered around the house dressed like this!
Bath time!
Sudsy baby girl!
Therese on her one month birthday. This beautiful sweater knit by Aunt Melissa--Therese wears it nearly every day!
I wanted to get some cute pictures on her one month birthday, but I timed it too late in the day and Therese was into her fuss-mode. Oh well! Now that she's our second baby we realize how fast time goes--fuss-mode doesn't seem so serious this time around because it all goes by so quickly!
She was really fussy the other evening and I picked her up and walked her around the house, rocking her to some music that was on when suddenly she just absolutely melted in my arms--it was so sweet!

This is the face Therese makes when she is really enjoying something, it is SO ADORABLE! She really likes it when I kiss her mouth and make a squeaky sound on it, and she also makes this face when Matthew kisses her little face all over.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Greta is quite the monkey at the park--she is really into climbing and often surprises us with how good she is at it. Just a few days ago we had to get her a "big girl bed" because she dangerously climbed out of her crib twice at nap...
My snuggly baby!

When Therese was about a week old my dad came up for a visit to meet her. We had a really nice time!
Kisses from Papa--about a week old here.

Lucky Papa!
When Therese was about 2 weeks old we went to a special parade right down the street. Here is big sister with her parade balloon!
A fun outing!
The day of the parade was also the day Nana Kaka and Grandpa Shayne came over for a visit.
My sister got Greta a Goodnight Moon matching game for her birthday. When someone gets a match Greta has learned to throw her hands up in the air and say "It's a match!!!" Fortunately we also got this on video, because it's adorable :-) Greta had a blast playing with my mom and Shayne.
(Woops a little out of order here...) Therese and Grandpa Dan.
Also on the weekend of the parade Nana Judy came for a visit. Greta really needed all the extra attention she got from her grandparents that weekend, since she has a bit less of it at home now.
What a cute and sweet little baby Therese is!

Greta loves to give Therese kisses...she gives her SO MANY throughout the day!!! And usually after she's kissed her she says "Oh Therese, Ahhhhh" :-)
A sweet picture!
In the garden at the park with Nana Judy.