Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer Starts!

A few weeks ago we met Nana Kaka and Grandpa Shayne at White Rock, which is near the Washington/BC border (on the BC side).  It is a beautiful place along the beach.  The weather cooperated, for the most part.
Therese eating a lemon at the restaurant...she seems to kind of like them...but definitely makes the "lemon face" (not seen here unfortunately!)
Papa and Therese
Grandpa Shayne and Greta
My mom made the girls and I really cute dresses.  We three went into the restaurant washrooms and tried our new clothes on--Greta really enjoyed this!
Grandpa Shayne and Therese, and below this is the huge White Rock!  It actually is PAINTED white, but apparently it's true color really is white, they are just trying to protect it and cover up its graffiti!
Mom and Shayne had to leave earlier than us to drive back home, but we stayed for another hour or two after our visit and thoroughly enjoyed the beach.  We forgot our camera, but if you visualize two little girls getting as sandy and wet as possible, lying down in the low tide, and basically painting themselves with beach...well, you get the picture :-)  They had a fantastic time! We hope to go back again soon.
The next weekend we had a visit from my Dad and Linda.  Greta's favorite activity right now is coloring, and here she is bonding with Grandpa Dan at he kitchen table with her smelly markers.  She probably makes, on average, 5-10 pictures a day, which she spends quite a bit of concentrated effort on.
 Therese loves to color too!  Here she is coloring with Grandma Linda.
 We got a couple of dates out my Dad and Linda's visit--SO enjoyable :-)
 Therese likes to put Greta's underwear on her head...
 ...and then, of course...ride the rocking horse!

 I think these shadow pictures are cute :-)
This is Therese's favorite hat.  She often puts it on in the house, sleeps with it in her bed, or chooses to wear it as soon as she wakes up in the morning!

Greta wanted me to take these pictures of her today eating lunch.  Here is her REAL smile :-)
Here is her CAMERA smile :-)  Shortly after this she had her "play time" in her room (in place of the nap she never takes anymore...) at which time she played "wedding"--another one of her favorite past-times lately--which involves eating popsicles (I really don't know where this idea came from!  She's only been to one wedding, and it was when she was a baby!)
We've had some great summer weather in the past week.  Sprinkler parks, the outdoor pool down the street, and even a ride on a water taxi have been part of our summer fun in recent days...we'll try to snap and post some more pictures soon!